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Billy the Kid

By Steve Kronen Poetry

O, I write to you now Lew / Wallace to say that a deal is a deal / is a deal, and that everything is possible / under our eye-squinting American sky.

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By Karl O’Hanlon Poetry

After the rain, all over the island
wild irises find their throats
open into astonished song.

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From “Internal Combustion”

By Ralph Burns Poetry

Upward / movement of us is vain, said Simone / Weil, if it doesn’t come from a downward / movement. Go down to the river. / The counterweight. Down / without talking with father, mother, / brother, sister

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From the Faraway Nearby

By Morgan Meis Essay

One way to describe what O’Keeffe did with landscapes is to say that she was trying to figure out a way to look out at the horizon and to see things out there as deeply as she was able to see things like flowers and plants up close.

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Untranslatable Mother: Tarkovsky, Zurlini, and the Madonna del Parto

By Lucia Senesi Culture

Later on, in high school, I would see those same artworks in my books and listen to my professor explaining their importance. Probably because they were within a five-minute walk and I knew them by heart, I didn’t have any real interest in them, nor in any of what Pasolini would call “my intimate, profound, archaic Catholicism.” I was interested in Hegel.

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