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Issue 97 | Summer 2018

In this issue: the haunting sculpture of Claire Curneen is profiled by Richard Davey. On the cover, a porcelain figure with wounds of gold and ultramarine, reminiscent of medieval art and Japanese kintsugi, evokes beauty in brokenness. An interview with Barbara Brown Taylor illuminates transience, church, and culture. Jane St. Clair’s fiction explores insecurity and empathy while Marie Curran confesses to a young mother about her own struggles with pregnancy, birth, evangelicalism, and the kingdom of heaven. In essay, Gregory Martin explores a suburban application of the mandate to “love your neighbor.” Also featuring poetry by Paul Mariani, Stephen Haven, Lisa Russ Spaar, Cindy Beebe, Daniel Priest, and others. Lastly, a review by Jason Gray explores the power of poetic enjambment.

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