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Issue 113


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The front cover features work by Hanae Utamura, whose art processes engage with conservation, toxicity, and the secret lives of deep-sea minerals. Also inside: An interview with architect John Marx, who argues for buildings of “emotional abundance.” Selections from the Made in Contact project, in which a group of Israeli artists explore the Talmudic concept of “mutual responsibility.” Work by Anne Mourier, whose assemblage translates feminine archetypes into surprising media like lace, glass, and embroidery. Essays on pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and infertility by Lesley Jenike, Sarah Orner, and Rhody Mastin. Ted Prescott and Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin on midcentury philosopher Susanne Langer, who was long overlooked by academics but who always had special resonances for artists. Andrew DeYoung on the films of Paul Schrader, his fellow cradle Calvinist. Cornelia Powers on Sally Rooney as the C.S. Lewis of our time. New fiction by Sarah Stone, Pamela Painter, and Aaron Hamburger. Poems by Micah Bateman, Claudia Keelan, Scott Cairns, Sara Lupita Olivares, Jacqueline Osherow, Rose DeMaris, and others. Get Image delivered:

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