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Issue 15


Issue 15 contains reviews on poetry by Jill Paláez Baumgaertner; an essay on film and Charlie Chaplin by Ronald Austin; poems by Edward Hirsch, Theodore Deppe, Suzanne Clark, and Jeffrey Harrison; short stories by Christine Lehner and Michael McGirr; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, And the Pixel Was Made Flesh


Christine Lehner, Twins, Again
Michael McGirr, Nugget


Edward Hirsch, Two Poems
Theodore Deppe, Two Poems
Suzanne U. Clark, Expectation
Jeffrey Harrison, The Speckled Egg


A Conversation with Elie Wiesel

Visual Arts

Brother Aidan Hart, Icons of Grace: The Art of Paul Martin
Gregory Wolfe, Sacred Passion: The Art of William Schickel


Elizabeth Dewberry, Praying for a Home
Willaim Dyrness, The Christian Imagination


Ron Austin, Saint Charlot: The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin


Harold Fickett, Stories That Will Get You Killed


Jill Paláez Baumgaertner on the poetry of Kathleen Norris, Linda Pastan, Molly Peacock, Denise Levertov, and Jane Kenyon

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