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Issue 16


Issue 16 includes an advisory essay to young writers by Annie Dillard; an excerpt of Doris Betts new novel The Sharp Teeth of Love,  which explores themes proposed by C.S. Lewis’ Four Loves; three free verse poems by Diane Glancy; an interview with author Sue Miller and an interview from 1979 with poet William Everson; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Religious Humanism: A Manifesto


Doris Betts, The Sharp Teeth of Love
Walter Sullivan, Cynthia at the Mall


Diane Glancy, Three Poems
Dick Allen, The Canonical Hours
Brian Louis Pearce, Two Poems
Rowan Williams, Two Poems
Stephen Haven, Two Poems
Michael McFee, Three Poems


A Conversation with Sue Miller
A Conversation with William Everson

Visual Arts

Anna Moszynska, The Dilemma of the Religious Artist: The Art of Mark Cazalet 
Sam Fentress, Signs of the Kingdom: Roadside Religious Signs


Annie Dillard, Notes for Young Writers
Sally Fitzgerald, Happy Endings
Virgil Nemoianu, Christian Humanism through the Centuries


Mark Jarman on the poetry of R.S. Thomas
Caroline Langston on Allegra Goodman’s The Family Markowitz
Kelly Cherry on Ellen Bryant Voigt’s Kyrie


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