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Issue 39


A conversation with Carolyn Forché; fiction by Sufjan Stevens; and Gregory Wolfe argues against the notion that “contemporary writers of faith are flabby compared to the more muscular writers of the early and mid-twentieth century.” With poems by Oliver de la Paz, Lisa Russ Spaar, G.C. Waldrep, and Catharine Savage Brosman; the sensual, moody art of Eric Fischl; and much more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Shouts and Whispers


Paula Huston, The Cattle Raid of Cooley
Sufjan Stevens, My Mother, King Tut


Robert Cording, Two Poems
Catharine Savage Brosman, Watermelon
Lisa Russ Spaar, Thomas Merton’s Insomnia
David Yezzi, Two Poems
Nicholas Samaras, Two Poems
Paul Mariani, Three Poems
Oliver de la Paz, Aubade with Constellations, Some Horses, and Snow
G.C. Waldrep, Two Poems

Visual Arts

James Romaine, Eric Fischl: Fallen
Rod Pattenden, Hope and Apocalypse: The Art of George Gittoes


A Conversation with Carolyn Forché


Andrew Furman, The Academy and My Jewish Problem
Peggy Payne, Writing the Sacred


Paul J. Willis, Spokane: A Triptych

Book Review

Rosemary Deen on Ned O’Gorman’s Five Seasons of Obsession

Jennifer Spiegel on Lauren F. Winner’s Girl Meets God

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