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Issue 49


This special issue focuses on art’s role in liturgy and worship. In his elegant book Testimony, Thomas G. Long speaks of public worship as a “soundtrack for the rest of life,” in which “the words and music and actions of worship inside the sanctuary play in the background as we live our lives outside, in the world.” In this issue’s symposium, leading Christian writers and artists address questions provoked by Long’s metaphor: How can we, the church, discover a soundtrack with the maturity and richness we need to sustain us through times of joy and sorrow? And what role does liturgical art—the sounds, objects, motions, and matter we use to worship—have to play as we seek that richness and maturity?

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, The Voice of this Calling


Debra Dean, The Memory Palace


David Citino, Two Poems
Sydney Lea, The Host in My Dentures
Eamon Grennan, Two Poems
Deirdre Callanan, Two Poems
Madeline DeFrees, Three Poems
Jeanine Hathaway, Two Poems
Luci Shaw, Botticelli’s Madonna and Child, with Saints

The Matter of Devotion
A Symposium on Art, Liturgy, and the Stuff of Worship

Theodore L. Prescott
Maggie Kast
Paul Westermeyer
David Robinson
Michael Capps
Jan Krist
Deborah Sokolove
Caroline Langston
David M. Denny

William Dyrness, Contemplation for Protestants: Where the Reformed Tradition Went Wrong

Robert Cording, The Art of Devotion: Some Thoughts on Poetry and Prayer


Robert Clark, Darkroom

Book Review

Robert Royal on Rowan Williams’s Grace and Necessity

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