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Issue 63


Gregory Wolfe writes about Saint Irenaeus of Lyons and how “we are all thirty seconds away from salvation”; James MacMillans argues that sacred music still matters; and Gordon Fuglie explores Guy Kinnear’s paintings of men “on the verge.” Plus, in Nicole Miller’s fiction we find ourselves in the ruins of a church, desperately; and Santiago Ramos writes all about cinematic superheroes. With poems by Robert Cording, Nancy Willard, and Carrie Jerrell; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Thirty Seconds Away


Elizabeth Smither, Scottie
Nicole Miller, The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help


John F. Deane, Two Poems
Nancy Willard, Ian’s Angels
Robert A. Fink, Peace, like a River
Carrie Jerrell, Two Poems
Daniel Tobin, Rogue Madonna
Robert Cording, Two Poems
Rod Jellema, Two Poems
Richard Jones, The Jewel


A Conversation with Tim Gautreaux

Visual Arts

Gordon Fuglie, Guy Kinnear: Male Call
Joanna Weber, The House that Agnes Martin Built


Michael Symmons Roberts, A Private Letter: A Poet on Writing for Composers
James MacMillan, Why Sacred Music Endures


Santiago Ramos, The Superhero and His People


John Terpstra, Skin Boat: Acts of Faith and Other Navigations

Book Review

Hannah Faith Notess on Donna Freita’s The Possibilities of Sainthood,
Nikki Grimes’s Dark Sons,
Gary Schmidt’s Trouble,
and Sara Zarr’s Once Was Lost

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