Marilyn Nelson

Interviewed by Jeanne Murray Walker

Jeremy Begbie

Interviewed by Kathleen L. Housley

Roberta Ahmanson

Interviewed by Gregory Wolfe

Dan Siedell

Interviewed by Mary Kenagy Mitchell

George Saunders

Interviewed by W. Brett Wiley

Discipline of the Notebook

Bonnie Friedman urges readers to follow her life-giving antidote of keeping a notebook around at all times. 

A Cinema of Solidarity: Women, Film, and Islam

Gaye Williams Ortiz discusses the films that opened her eyes to the experiences of women half a world away.

God’s Truth Is Life

Christian Wiman on faith and the craft of poetry.

Awarded a 2010 Pushcart Prize

Recovering Evangelical: Reflections of an Erstwhile Christ Addict

Todd Shy shares memories from his college days when he faced the embedded drama, anguish, and zeal of his evangelical roots.

Fully Human

Eight artists and writers discuss art and the religious sense.


Lauren Winner unpacks the culinary imagery of the God who both “is the meal and...also provides the meal.”

Hearts Like Radios

Chris Hoke’s experience with sufferers of schizophrenia leads him to propose that the mind is more than either matter or illusion.

Implicit Tree

Lynda Sexson delves into an unwanted but scintillating conversation with a stranger.

The Reclusive Novel

Community, Tradition, and Loneliness

Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle
Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?
by Dave Eggers
High as the Horses’ Bridles by Scott Cheshire

Review by Bryan Bliss

Writing in Invisible Ink

When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice by Terry Tempest Williams 
When I Was a Child I Read Books
by Marilynne Robinson
The Man within My Head
by Pico Iyer
My Russian Grandmother and Her American Vacuum Cleaner: A Family Memoir
by Meir Shalev 

Review by Lauren F. Winner

The Bodies of Birds

By Melanie Rae Thon

The Wedding Season

By Maureen McGranaghan

And Not as a Stranger

By Lucy Warner

A Freak of Nature

By Valerie Sayers

Canticle of the Sleeping Child

By Jennifer Atkinson

Psalm Ghazal I & II

By Joanna Solfrian

Every Day I Touch Things

By Fleda Brown

Scout’s Honor

By Christopher Howell

Atheism’s Easier

Stephen Cushman

The School of the Transfer of Energy

The Art of Jack Baumgartner
Essay by Elizabeth Duffy

In Search of the Beautiful

The Art of Susie Hamilton
Essay by Richard Darvey

Ecologies of Knowing

What Natalie Settles Learned in the Lab
Essay by Mark Sprinkles

The Word on the Street

The Photographs of Larry Racioppo
Essay by Patricia C. Pongracz

Active Sight

Vija Celmins and Jackson Pollock from Pictorial to Perception
Essay by James Romaine

The Mark of Cain

Figure and Landscape in the Work of Enrique Martínez Celaya
Essay by Daniel A. Siedell

The Thread that Weaves Life Together

Crossing Boundaries with the Charis Exhibition

By Rachel Hostetter Smith

A Geology of the Sacred

Stephen Cox Reopens the Ancient Quarries
Essay by Tom Devonshire Jones

 Special Topics

Evolution and the Imago Dei

Explore the intersection of faith, science, and art.

The Landscape of Art & Faith

What is the contemporary literary climate like for writers of faith? How will they fare in the future?


Road films. Horror films. Films on marriage. Divine comedies. We love movies. Do you? We’ve got you covered.


“Not since O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners has there been such bracing insight on the pile-up where art and faith collide.”

—Annie Dillard 

Why Believe in God?

We put it to a group of writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians: At a time in human history when religious faith is called not only out-of-date but malignant, why do you believe?

The Word-Soaked World: Troubling the Lexicon of Art & Faith

This collection of short essays demonstrates the push-pull relationship believing artists have with words: We are in pursuit of a God who is revealed through the poetry of the oldest Psalms, but whose true name is impossible to pronounce.

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