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Essays on Film

A Cinema of Solidarity

Women, Film, and Islam

Essay by Gaye Williams Ortiz

Fully Human

On Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker

Essay by Gregory Wolfe


Journeys with Asian Filmmakers

Essay by Jeffrey Overstreet

Nothing Happens: Everything Happens

On The Long Day Closes by Terence Davies

Essay by Robert Clark

Portraits of the Sonata

Desire and Transformation in Modern European Cinema

Essay by A.G. Harmon

The Superhero and His People

Essay by Santiago Ramos

The Exiles

Finding the Story

Essay by Ron Austin

The Myth of Independent Film

Essay by Craig Detweiler

After the Local Gods

Reflecting on 25 Years of Image

Symposium contribution by Ron Austin

Interview with Patton Dodd

On Hollywood and the Myth of Religious Violence

A House Divided

Broken Homes, Flying Houses, Divorce, and Death in Family Fantasy Films

Essay by Steven D. Greydanus

Power in the Blood

Hollywood and the Myth of Religious Violence

Essay by Patton Dodd

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