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Life After Thirty | The Path of Vocation: Erica Grimm

By Erica Grimm Interview

I have learned that time is a gift, and never to waste it. Sit in silence every day. Trust you inner voice. Lean into what you do not know. Cultivate curiosity, love learning. Never trust fear. Ask questions, and through making, try and make sense of things. Art-making is an unknowable, untamable, wild form of inquiry. You never know where it will take you.

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Life After Thirty | The Path of Vocation: Melissa Weinman

By Melissa Weinman Interview

I began to paint still lifes of what was readily available, such as fruits and flowers from the garden. It gave me a new appreciation for the vast amount of information and beauty that you can only observe in person—all that the camera doesn’t capture. I became enamored with painting from life once again, seduced by its truth.

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Stories of Departure

By Miriam Cohen and Andrew Graff Interview

Issue 99 includes short stories about people who have emerged from religious subcultures—Andrew Graff’s story about a woman who was raised fundamentalist Christian and Miriam Cohen’s about a woman who was raised Orthodox Jewish. We asked Graff and Cohen to interview each other. Graff: So many of your lines demonstrate an extraordinary ability to observe…

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A Conversation with Linford Detweiler

By Joe Henry Interview

Linford Detweiler is one half of the band Over the Rhine, which he formed with Karin Bergquist. Since 1989, Over the Rhine (named for a working-class German immigrant neighborhood in Cincinnati) has released over a dozen albums, including Good Dog Bad Dog, Ohio, Drunkard’s Prayer, The Trumpet Child, The Long Surrender, and Meet Me at…

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A Conversation with Alicia Ostriker

By Mary Kenagy Mitchell Interview

Image issue #98 includes poems by critic, activist, and biblical scholar Alicia Ostriker, winner of the Jewish National Book Award and many others. She has said, “Composing an essay, a review or a piece of literary criticism, I know more or less what I am doing and what I want to say. When I write…

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