———-Looked for her in the
unseen—in the play of air
———-against the edge of

———-what appeared to be—
a child’s laugh in a neighbor
———-yard could recall her,

———-only to call her
back into what had passed—sought
———-her in dreams, but she

———-waited at one side
in the not to be dreamed of
———-yet, neither asking

———-for hope nor giving
it, not saying yes or no—
———-tried to step out of

———-the way, as she taught,
to see if that would make it
———-simpler to be found—

———-felt she wanted to
be held, even hold on to
———-the child she’d made, but

———-she wouldn’t say—was
it more blessèd not to be
———-anyone, was that

———-the problem now, was
she deciding—tried praying
———-her across then, but

———-could not, for she kept
remaining in the light she
———-had brought to the world—

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