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issue 119 cover

Issue 119 | Winter 2023

Issue 119’s cover features the apocalyptic miniatures of Cate Pasquarelli. Also inside: James K.A. Smith on Martin Scorsese’s new film. Four essays of agrarian ambivalence: on chickens (Jordan Humphrey), hogs (Carrie Beyer), midsummer gardening (Nicole Parsons), banana pudding (Jennifer McGaha), and the mixed blessings of life lived close to the land. Fiction on empty nesters by Karen E. Bender; and Upper East Siders by Caroline Coleman. A graphic personal essay on Saint Agatha by Jesse Lee Kercheval. A conversation with memoirist and theologian Richard Lischer. Mary Lane Potter reads the fiction of Clarice Lispector and the late Kevin McIlvoy via philosopher Alva Noë’s notion of art as a “strange tool.” Katie Kresser on the nineteenth-century nouveau riche, a canceled Picasso, mastectomy, and an “aesthetics of sham.” Smithsonian curator Peter Manseau on religion in American public life. Sal Taylor Kydd’s palm-sized old-and-new assemblage. Plus: poems by Richard Tillinghast, Amanda Hawkins, J.C. Scharl, James Davis May, and more.

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On the cover: Cate Pasquarelli. Two Houses, 2021. Glass cloche, clay, basswood, cotton, artificial grasses, acrylic and enamel paint, sandpaper. 9 x 8 x 4 inches.


Talismans of Time 

Sal Taylor Kydd


In the Studio 

Cate Pasquarelli




Karen E. Bender, The Extra Child

Caroline Coleman, The Lost Ring


Cate Pasquarelli, In the Studio

Sal Taylor KyddTalismans of Time

Peter Manseau, Curator’s Corner

Jesse Lee Kercheval, Breasts: A Graphic Essay


Carrie Beyer, Immersion

Jordan Humphrey, Chickens of Faith

Jennifer McGaha, Revision

Nicole Parsons, Misummer Vigil




J.C. Scharl, The New House

Austin Allen, Complaint of a Brain in a Jar

Richard Tillinghast, One Night in Galilee

Amanda Hawkins, At the Shrine

Jeffrey Harrison, Raw Colors

Kathleen Flenniken, The Breast I Kept 

Jacques J. Rancourt, On Purity

James Davis May, The Patron Saint of Capsaicin

Neil Shepard, Punishment

Mary Leader, Double Visitation

Jane Zwart, Heaven Afar

Sal Taylor Kydd. Bitsy, 2022. Mixed media. Actual size.

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