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Lee Isaac Chung

Lee Isaac Chung directs his films with his feet planted to the ground and his ears open to possibility. He’s shot films in both China and Rwanda without speaking either Chinese or Kinyarwanda, and in both cases, Chung allowed the actors to speak for themselves, and insisted that the location shape the story. Unlike some…

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Samuel Gray Anderson

Screenwriter Samuel Gray Anderson gained attention in 2007 as the cowriter, with Lee Isaac Chung, of Munyurangabo, which premiered at Cannes to critical acclaim. Filmed in Rwanda with local actors and crew, the film deals with the bloody 1994 genocide indirectly and personally, from the point of view of two boys too young to remember…

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Steven Greydanus

Film reviewer Steven Greydanus is an omnivore, but a discriminating one. In his prolific reviews at his blog,, and at the National Catholic Register, he covers nearly every film that comes to theaters, from The Tree of Life to Mission Impossible to The Smurfs—with a particular but not exclusive focus on religious resonances. (He also does…

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Craig Detweiler

Commentator Andy Crouch calls Christians to what he terms “culture making.” He wants us to move away from being consumers and critics of culture toward being active creators of cultural goods, makers of everything from novels and laws to iPads and pea patches. Filmmaker Craig Detweiler embodies this kind of life. While he is a…

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Wim Wenders

That one of Wim Wenders’s production companies is called “Road Movies” is no accident, no casual moniker. The central metaphor in nearly all his films is that of a lone figure on a journey, even if the destination is not known. Like Walker Percy’s character Binx Bolling (from The Moviegoer), Wenders’s protagonists are on a…

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Ron Austin

If everyone who fusses over the relationship between Hollywood and mainstream religious America would just follow the life and vision of Ron Austin in search of answers, we’d all be a lot better off. Ron has done it all over the years, from screenwriting and producing to teaching at film school and helping to form…

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Rudy and Shirley Nelson

Rudy and Shirley Nelson have spent most of their professional lives as writers and teachers, but a few years ago they made an unforgettable documentary film called Precarious Peace: God and Guatemala. This film is truly exemplary: one of the most balanced and sane explorations of the way that religion has factored into the efforts to overcome…

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Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet is a trespasser. He’s constantly moving outside of the borders of what church and culture deem to be ironclad, eternal categories (sacred vs. profane, high culture vs. popular culture)—and he has a knack for bringing people along with him. His passport? The imagination. In his writing on film, he has used the mighty…

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Richard Alleva

Richard Alleva, film critic for Commonweal and frequent contributor to Image, received a B.A. in Drama at the University of Connecticut and an M.F.A. in Playwrighting at Catholic University. “As an actor, I seem to have foreshadowed my career as a critic by bringing bad news to personages spending more time in the limelight than…

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