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Issue 98 | Fall 2018

Image issue #98’s cover features the work of Israeli painter Shai Azoulay, a playful mystic; this painting is from a series in which he imagines himself making art out of the scraps left behind on Matisse’s studio floor.

Lauren Winner constructs an abecedary of art and truth. Jeanne Murray Walker on how rediscovering the sonnet allowed reinvigorated her after a sudden poetic dry spell. James K.A. Smith argues that the human attraction to ritual is so deep that it even persists in apparently secular fiction. And Ron Hansen gets to grips with why we’re so drawn to stories.

Fiction by Cyan James reveals what goes on behind the scenes at the vet’s office, and Jennifer Anne Moses on the complications of marrying up.

Also: Jane Zwart’s interview with Amit Majmudar on “neureligion,” polytheistic extremism, and the atomization of God. And Sam Martin’s letter to his former art teacher, painter James Tughan.

Also inside are Alicia Ostriker’s poems on the Shining Book, heaven as cocktail party, and the kind of immigrants we all are (read our web exclusive interview here). Plus more poems by Rodger Kamenetz, Amit Majmudar, Jerzy Ficowski (in translation), and more.

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