An American Body Politic

| Aug 14, 2017
heavy overhanging curtains over a window illuminated by the sun shining through them.

Poetry Friday: “Psalm as Frustration I Can Live With”

| Aug 11, 2017

Guns N’ Roses in This Lifetime

| Aug 10, 2017


| Aug 9, 2017

The Iron Cross, Part 2

| Aug 8, 2017

The Iron Cross, Part 1

| Aug 7, 2017

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Chelsea Wagenaar

Poet Chelsea Wagenaar writes about the ways we are all “bent to the wild will / of instinct.” Among her favorite themes is the position of the human within nature. She writes about a sense of exile upon earth, our common lineage, and above all, instinct: for sorrow, for praise, for the earth, for desire and fear.

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Khaled Mattawa Interview


Web Exclusive: A Conversation with Linda Hogan


A Conversation with Franz Wright


A Conversation with Christian Wiman


A Conversation with Van Gessel


A Conversation with Ron Hansen


Inherited but never Inhabited

Judith Rock ponders exile and her family history.

The Many-Voiced God

Tyler McCabe on the family television and telling and untelling stories.

The Ring

Lee Haupt unearths the scars of her family history.

Lord God Bird

Isaac Anderson reflects on the intermittence of experiencing God.
Best American Essays
Honorable Mention 2013

Love Letters

Lee Isaac Chung on Hollywood’s American dream as seen through the eyes of Korean immigrants.


Allison Backous tracks the cycle of family history and chronicles her exodus.

The Cloud of Unknowing

Kevin Honold ponders probation and frames his existence through migration and the words of an anonymous fourteenth century English priest.

Into Deep Waters

Laura Bramon Good frames her musings on the body through pregnancy and her aging grandmother.

How the Band Becomes One Body


Absence Blooming


Mixed Company


If I Decide to Pray Again It Won’t Be Words Strung in a Line


Byzantine Gold


Psalm for the Lost


The Glen Workshop, a program of Image, began in 1995 as an innovative event combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a spiritual retreat.

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 Special Topics


Road films. Horror films. Films on marriage. Divine comedies. We love movies. Do you? We’ve got you covered.

Evolution and the Imago Dei

Explore the intersection of faith, science, and art.


“Not since O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners has there been such bracing insight on the pile-up where art and faith collide.”

—Annie Dillard 

The Landscape of Art & Faith

What is the contemporary literary climate like for writers of faith? How will they fare in the future?

Why Believe in God?

We put it to a group of writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians: At a time in human history when religious faith is called not only out-of-date but malignant, why do you believe?

The Word-Soaked World: Troubling the Lexicon of Art & Faith

This collection of short essays demonstrates the push-pull relationship believing artists have with words: We are in pursuit of a God who is revealed through the poetry of the oldest Psalms, but whose true name is impossible to pronounce.

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