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Issue 89


Featuring the work of graffiti and performance artist Mohammed Ali, a.k.a. Aerosol Arabic; and the installations and drawings of Linnéa Spransy, whose work mirrors the interplay between pattern and chaos in the natural world. With new poems and an interview with former US poet laureate Charles Wright on his backyard, the Book of Common Prayer, and landscape painting. Poems by Marilyn Nelson, Karen An-Hwei Lee, and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez, and fiction set the day after Hurricane Katrina by Moira Crone. Jenny Shank reviews new novels by Yann Martel, H.S. Cross, and Samantha Hunt. M. Lynx Qualey reflects on fiction from contemporary Egypt—and what it reveals about power. Allison Grace Myers weighs the ontological consequences of being born with no sense of smell. Kathleen Housley explores Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s obsession with a thousand-page nineteenth-century novel about a medieval knight. And, in his editorial, Greg Wolfe answers some questions about politics.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Some Questions about Politics and the Imagination


Moira Crone, Pecos Bill
J.C. Rubin, Eulogy


Víctor Rodríguez Núñez, Credo
In the House of God
The Madman’s Prayer

Lêdo Ivo, The Clearing
Christ in São Paolo

Marilyn Nelson, Meeting-House Fire
Uncomfortable Things
Camp Meeting

Jóanes Nielsen, Walking the Dog Last Night
One Morning

Gerard Smyth, Walking to Emmaus
In Our First House of Marriage
Nostalgia for the Doughnut Shop

Charles WrightLandscape with No Variations
Pray That the Creek Don’t Dry Up
“Remember Me as One Who Woke Up”

Karen An-hwei Lee, On Lectio Divina, Counterclockwise
Meditation on Soteriology

Melissa Range, Labyrinth, Chartres

Austin Segrest, Fool Plow
Plowboy’s Bible

Chelsea WagenaarExile with Fox

Visual Arts

George Dardess, The Mosque Outside the Mosque: Aerosol Arabic and the One Experience
Read our web-exclusive interview with Mohammed Ali (a.k.a. Aerosol Arabic) here.

Brian Volck, System and Chaos: The Art of Linnéa Spransy


Lisa Russ Spaar, A Conversation with Charles Wright


Kathleen L. Housley, Daring to Do the Good: The Knight and the Theologian

M. Lynx Qualey, Radiant Power: Authority and Violence in New Egyptian Fiction


Allison Grace Myers, Perfume Poured Out

Book Review

Jenny ShankYann Martel’s The High Mountains of Portugal
Samantha Hunt’s Mr. Splitfoot
H.S. Cross’s Wilberforce

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