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Curator’s Corner

By Shahed Saleem Visual Art

“Minority faiths in Britain have always started their architectural journey by adapting existing buildings and creating their religious spaces in improvised and ad hoc ways.

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Curator’s Corner

By Kenneth Jarecke Visual Art

Lasting images go beyond the simple act of documenting a moment by demanding a response from the viewer. The viewer reacts at a much deeper level, like we do to smell, but with the eyes.

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Curator’s Corner: Prospect New Orleans

By Naima J. Keith and Diana Nawi Visual Art

For many years the notion of spirituality in art seemed sort of taboo, but we’ve both consistently worked with artists who draw on notions of ritual, religious iconography, the otherworldly, and spirituality in their work or process.

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Curator’s Corner: Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, St. Louis

By Terrence Dempsey, SJ, and David Brinker Visual Art

From the beginning, I wanted to challenge people’s ideas about what religious art could be, to stretch categories and ways of thinking, to show that the artists of our time continue to engage in meaningful dialogue with the great faith traditions—and also that this art is in dialogue with the present moment. It’s unafraid to ask, “Who is my neighbor?”  

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Curator’s Corner: Bridge Projects, Los Angeles

By Cara Megan Lewis and Linnéa Spransy Visual Art

It seems to me that in displaying the profound aesthetic, cultural, and spiritual beauty of a common bequest like trees, we are moved to value them more and to experience an awe that humbles and amazes—something that makes us more respectful participants in the natural world.

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