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Trung Pham

It is impossible to exchange even a few words with Trung Pham without being warmed by the depth of his sincerity. It emanates from his body, and from his body of work: paintings, sketches, and sculpture. His paintings are deeply relational, even in collections such as Crack or Wound, one sees opposing sides yearning toward…

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David Robinson

David Robinson’s precarious sculptures confront us with the human figure in extremis. Carrying heavy loads, suspended in mid-air, wobbling along beams, pulling themselves over obstacles, desperate not to fall, his sinewy bronze nudes serve to remind us of our own contingency. But these are not images of futility or despair. The figures are beautiful, and…

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Jack Baumgartner

One of the most striking things about artist Jack Baumgartner is his willingness to try everything. He draws, paints, and engraves, makes music, carves, and has produced one extremely sophisticated puppet show—all of which go under the heading of what he calls “the School of the Transfer of Energy,” which combines his artistic output with…

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Jonathan Castellino

In his photographs of urban Toronto, Jonathan Castellino explores abandoned office spaces, with dated computer monitors and keyboards still dutifully in place under layers of dust; empty factories, where water infiltration and the resulting mineral bloom create a forlorn beauty; and crumbling church interiors layered with brick dust and graffiti, all bathed in eerie light.…

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Gala Bent

Seattle-based artist Gala Bent draws strange fairytale landscapes occupied by appealingly hued creatures and forms that hover between abstraction and figuration. In her profile of Bent in Image issue 82, Hannah Faith Notess describes Bent’s gouache and graphite technique this way: “Misty, watery washes reminiscent of a rain-soaked Northwest sky appear in the drawings’ backgrounds…but Bent…

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Allison Luce

Ceramics is, quite literally, an earthy medium. Clay, that humblest of materials, is dug from the earth, pushed and pulled with human hands, then tempered with fire. Like Adam and Eve in the Genesis story, ceramic works are formed from the stuff of earth into something beautiful. In the hands of sculptor Allison Luce, clay…

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Olga Lah

In the word of Bill Dyrness in our anniversary issue, “Olga Lah did not start out wanting to wrap buildings in electrician’s tape, fill huge spaces with billows of crumpled paper, or line galleries with great swathes of plastic bottle caps. She did not set out to be an artist at all—let alone one catching…

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Scott Kolbo

Scott Kolbo’s performance pieces, video art, and print series are populated with fiery preachers, bellicose ideologues, hapless schmoes, intrepid neighborhood kids, and swirls of flocking crows. The works often combine the hasty, mass-produced look of digital art with lovingly attentive drawings of human figures and faces. His drawing style combines a fleshy naturalism with a…

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Steve Prince

“There’s a lot we haven’t dealt with in our soul, so I like to deal with it in my artwork,” says printmaker, sculptor, and graphite artist Steve Prince. That concept of the collective soul (and its collective burden) is essential to Prince’s work and to his sense of mission as an artist. His series the…

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Daniel Siedell

Daniel Siedell is a cultural ambassador for a new age. His 2008 book God in the Gallery: A Christian Embrace of Modern Art offered a suspension bridge over the old culture war-era chasm between Christians and the art world, inviting Christians to release the old understanding that contemporary culture is godless and destined for self-destruction,…

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