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100 cover (1)

Issue 100 | Spring 2019

Issue #100 is our milestone thirtieth-anniversary issue on the theme of friendship, rivalry, and collaboration. Cover art (with 100 gloves) is by Marianne Lettieri. Inside: Shane McCrae on Louise Glück and loneliness; Padraig O Tuama on longing for home; Molly McCully Brown and Susannah Nevison on the poems that grew out of their friendship. We also asked seventeen artists how they changed after turning thirty—including Lia Chavez, Erica Grimm, Bruce Cockburn, Claire Holley, Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby, and more. Plus: interview with A.E. Stallings and Adrianne Kalfopoulou on friendship, activism, and poetry; poems on friendship by Luci Shaw, Rodger Kamenetz, and Erika Meitner; fiction by Gina Ochsner; Melissa Range and Christopher Beha on their top ten books of the past thirty years.

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